Stuffed Wild Rice Mushrooms with Pecorino Romano (Home)

IMG_9958 - Version 2

These mushrooms were made as an appetizer for my family by using leftover wild rice from the previous day. The pecorino romano adds a little saltiness to the wild rice, while the hazelnuts act similarly to panko breadcrumbs in adding crunchiness to these soft mushrooms. The final hit of balsamic glaze brings a nice finish to this appetizer!

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Baked Marinated Tofu with Wild Rice (Home)


Starting with wild rice as the base, I built up the layers by adding marinated tofu and mushrooms since wild rice by itself can be quite bland. The hazelnuts and shredded coconut add some crunch to the soft tofu and mushrooms, especially after the entire dish is baked in the oven. I have never cooked with wild rice before, but I was glad that I did since it’s not as starchy as other types of rice; I stored some leftover rice in a container and had it for lunch the next day! I definitely recommend making extra wild rice if you’ll be eating it throughout the week, since it took a while to cook. I used some of the leftover rice to make stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer, which I will be posting the recipe for tomorrow! I hope that you like this recipe!

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Nectarine Salad with Avocado-Hummus and Blackberry Vinaigrette


For me, the one thing that screams summer is freshly cut fruit sitting in a bowl, waiting to be eaten. Well, that was the inspiration for this salad, with nectarines staying in the spotlight and a blackberry vinaigrette and an avocado-hummus fulfilling their supporting roles. I absolutely love the juiciness of nectarines, which was able to stand out by pairing them with butter lettuce and a hummus.

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