Burger Bar: Grilled Jalapeño Mango Salsa (Home)


With the coming of summer, what better way to celebrate than with barbecues and pool parties? My family and I recently fired up the grill and set up a “burger bar” on our backyard porch, with an assortment of freshly cut veggies alongside a homemade mango salsa and a few other spreads and marinades. As with a few of my other recipes, this one also came about by “accident”…you know those awkward bits of tomato that just don’t turn into perfect slices? Well, I decided to chop them up, throw them into a bowl and call it ‘salsa’. I hate wasting perfectly good food, and the ends of tomatoes can easily be chopped into tiny pieces. To add a little bit of heat, I grilled some jalapeños and balanced the spiciness with the sweetness of some pineapple.

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“Terry” Smoothie (Home)


This was my first time making a smoothie with tofu, and combined with sweet and sour blueberries, you can’t even tell there is tofu in it! I decided to make this as a post-work out drink since it has a decent amount of protein. I used vanilla protein powder and honey to add a little bit of sweetness to the tofu, then topped it off with raspberries and some shredded coconut. It’s thicker than most smoothies, so it can be thinned out with coconut water or coconut milk.

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Strawberry-Cream Neopolitan with Grilled Lavash (Home)

IMG_0550 - Version 2

Yet another recipe inspired by leftovers! My family and I were making pizzas one night on grilled lavash, and we happened to have one leftover lavash that no one could finish since we were all so full. I wrapped it up in plastic wrap and used it the next day with heavy cream, which was edging closer to its expiration date…all-in-all a last-minute dessert. I actually ate this as a snack in the afternoon, but if you’re planning to have it after dinner, some of the prep work can be done beforehand, such as chilling the strawberry puree and the whipped cream in the fridge to allow it to set. Don’t feel too guilty, you can justify this one as healthy because it has fruits and a little bit of protein. 🙂

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Exotic Lychee-Coconut Drink with Ginger Syrup (Home)


Looking to cool off this weekend? I’ve got something for you: Lychee Coconut Water with Ginger Syrup. This was actually inspired by a restaurant down in Washington, D.C. called Dim Sum that serves up an Asian cuisine and also delivered this amazing drink to our table! I went with my brother and my cousin, Namita, and this drink was unforgettable: the restaurant used fresh lychee juice mixed with with goji berries and hints of ginger, so I tried to replicate it but instead added coconut water to dilute the sweetness of the lychees a little bit and to make the drink more refreshing (plus it’s healthy since it’s got some potassium!)

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