Savory and Sweet Mini Toasts


Need a cute but chic appetizer for your next gathering? I’ve got just the thing for you. Make these mini savory and sweet toasts and they’ll definitely be a hit with the crowd. Each type of toast only requires 4 different ingredients, and what better way to celebrate summer than with simple and colorful little appetizers? The crunchy toasts pair perfectly with the cooked veggies and Trade Joe’s balsamic glaze.ย Well, what are you waiting for? Invite some people over and impress them with this delicious appetizer!

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Melty Pita Pocket

What’s better than Totino’s Pizza Roles?

Sadly, the answer is nothing.ย I found myself craving these tiny bites of goodness, only to realize that they are actually quite unhealthy for me and that I should probably reduce my intake of them. To snap myself out of my craving, I decided to make a healthier, larger version (larger is always better, of course) of my favorite “pizza pockets” by reducing the amount of salt and increasing the number of veggies that goes into this recipe.


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