Tropical Dessert Pizza with Minty Nutella (Dining Hall)


Craving something sweet? Try out this nutella dessert pizza I made at the dining hall! All it requires is some fresh fruit, nutella, and whipped cream to make a delicious dessert within  a few minutes!

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Strawberry-Cream Neopolitan with Grilled Lavash (Home)

IMG_0550 - Version 2

Yet another recipe inspired by leftovers! My family and I were making pizzas one night on grilled lavash, and we happened to have one leftover lavash that no one could finish since we were all so full. I wrapped it up in plastic wrap and used it the next day with heavy cream, which was edging closer to its expiration date…all-in-all a last-minute dessert. I actually ate this as a snack in the afternoon, but if you’re planning to have it after dinner, some of the prep work can be done beforehand, such as chilling the strawberry puree and the whipped cream in the fridge to allow it to set. Don’t feel too guilty, you can justify this one as healthy because it has fruits and a little bit of protein. 🙂

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