Epic Bombay Sandwiches


Just had pani puri yesterday? Use the leftovers in a Bombay Sandwich! This sandwich is easy to assemble, especially if you have a few ingredients prepared from the day before! Plus, you can layer the ingredients as high as you want for a heavier lunch. Take a break from paninis and hot subs with this classic Indian sandwich that is commonly found in Indian street food culture. A cold and delicious sandwich on a hot summer day? Yes, please!

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Brunch on This: Breakfast Sandwich (Dining Hall)

IMG_9778 - Version 2

Wake up! It’s time for brunch!

What better way to ease into the afternoon than with a breakfast sandwich? On weekends, I like to take my time eating at the dining hall to relax with friends, especially if we’ve had a late night out. A long brunch is the best way to get a Sunday started on the right track. It’s the last day of the weekend after all, might as well savor it!

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Grilled Honey-Beet Sandwich (Dining Hall)

My main purpose with this food blog is to show people that food from the dining hall CAN  look and taste good, if you’re game for a little experimentation! The sandwich I made today at the dining hall had beets in it- yes, I know, many of you may look away because ‘beets’ isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite word. Beets usually elicit an ‘ick’ factor from me, but I’ve found that with a little heat and some honey glaze, the beets can be amped up in flavor. When the beets hit the grill, they become slightly sweeter and their bland taste diminishes.


Working up from the beets, I chose the other ingredients because of their taste and the play of colors that forms on the plate: the beets stand out against the greens, and the croutons provide some added crunch for a different dimension of texture to this sandwich.

All I can say is that I think you should give these purple, nutrient-packed roots a chance!


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PB & J: A Twist on the Classic (Dining Hall)


This recipe came about almost randomly; all I knew when I entered the dining hall is that I was craving a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich, just like my dad used to pack for me when I was in school…yup, all the way through high school. Somehow, this went from being a simple PB and J to a different kind of peanut-butter sandwich. In an attempt to make this staple in our diets a little bit healthier, I decided to omit the jelly (don’t worry, the world’s not over!) and instead add vanilla-flavored greek yogurt and pineapple to keep some sweetness. I hope you enjoy this twist on the classic!


2 slices of whole wheat or multi-grain bread

1 tbsp crunchy peanut butter

1/3 cup spinach

1 tbsp greek yogurt (any flavor, I used vanilla)

4-5 chunks of pineapple

¼ cup cantaloupe, chopped

1 tsp wheat germ

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