Avocado-Mango Coconut Smoothie


A creamy avocado smoothie is a perfect refresher for either the beginning or middle of your day. It functions as a morning-pick me up or a post-workout drink. The mango and banana sweetens the smoothie a bit, while the taste of the almond-coconut milk matches the good fats from the avocado. I’ve been trying to manipulate avocados lately to find other ways to use them besides traditional guacamole, it’s amazing how many different ways you can use them! I hope you enjoy this version! (Make sure your avocado has ripened slightly, so you can taste all of that healthy fat!)

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Chocolate-Swirled Affogato (Dining Hall)


On cold winter days, all I crave is a warm affogato in my hands, reminiscent of my time in Italy. An affogato is quick and easy to make, and tastes delicious–if you have great-tasting coffee. Luckily for me and other Rutgers students, the dining hall supplies great coffee perfect for a latte, cappaccino, and of course an affogato.

Here’s what you’ll need to prepare your very own affogato:

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Grapefruit-Lime Energizer (Dining Hall)



Packed with nutrients such as vitamin C, lycopene, and potassium, grapefruit is commonly overlooked for its potential source of vitamins because of its astringent bitter taste. Always stocked at the dining hall in large amounts, only a few college students will reach for this drink, while the rest of us will opt for the better-tasting orange or apple juice. It would be a shame to miss out on all the important nutrients simply because of its strong taste; to reduce the after-taste of grapefruit juice, I added a bit of honey and some water to dilute it.

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“Terry” Smoothie (Home)


This was my first time making a smoothie with tofu, and combined with sweet and sour blueberries, you can’t even tell there is tofu in it! I decided to make this as a post-work out drink since it has a decent amount of protein. I used vanilla protein powder and honey to add a little bit of sweetness to the tofu, then topped it off with raspberries and some shredded coconut. It’s thicker than most smoothies, so it can be thinned out with coconut water or coconut milk.

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Exotic Lychee-Coconut Drink with Ginger Syrup (Home)


Looking to cool off this weekend? I’ve got something for you: Lychee Coconut Water with Ginger Syrup. This was actually inspired by a restaurant down in Washington, D.C. called Dim Sum that serves up an Asian cuisine and also delivered this amazing drink to our table! I went with my brother and my cousin, Namita, and this drink was unforgettable: the restaurant used fresh lychee juice mixed with with goji berries and hints of ginger, so I tried to replicate it but instead added coconut water to dilute the sweetness of the lychees a little bit and to make the drink more refreshing (plus it’s healthy since it’s got some potassium!)

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