Spinach-Mushroom Alfredo Pizza (Dining Hall )

IMG_8637 - Version 2

For this pizza, I used the pasta station at my dining hall to sauté the vegetables and put them on panini bread, which tastes similar to pizza dough. Since the staff at the dining hall makes the alfredo sauce fresh, I’m more inclined to go for this pizza than the ready-made pizza at the dining hall. No matter how many times I’ve eaten this, the staff’s alfredo sauce is always en point! Shout-out to staff ❤

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Sriracha-Mushroom Pasta (Dining Hall)


Version 2

Ever since the blizzard hit the northeast region, all I’ve been craving is spicy comfort food.

With about 16 inches of snow, the Rutgers campus comes quite close to looking like arctic tundra and convinced me to hibernate in my room…that is, until I realized I had no food left in my fridge. So I trekked to the dining hall today and decided to make a sriracha-mushroom pasta tossed with zucchini and spinach at my university’s dining hall. The sriracha sauce really hit the spot and I recommend this recipe to anyone battling the cold weather!

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Stuffed Wild Rice Mushrooms with Pecorino Romano (Home)

IMG_9958 - Version 2

These mushrooms were made as an appetizer for my family by using leftover wild rice from the previous day. The pecorino romano adds a little saltiness to the wild rice, while the hazelnuts act similarly to panko breadcrumbs in adding crunchiness to these soft mushrooms. The final hit of balsamic glaze brings a nice finish to this appetizer!

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